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Nara Collective Group Exhibition: theme



募集開始 8月1日  

応募締切 8月31日

During this Covid period, the word `Social-Distancing` has been constantly used as a catchphrase to prevent people in physical contact with each other. Many different countries have come up with their appropriate measure of `Social distance`1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, and even 3 meters. Also, we can now interact digitally with someone from great distances.

The word `Distance` in the dictionary is defined as – the amount of space between two points. But if we look at this abstractly, the space between defines the quality of the relationship between two subjects or between objects. The right distance is crucial in creating a specific tension like in musical instruments or the distance between the earth and the sun. If it is too far- it will break. And if it is too close, it can suffocate. 

Participating Artists


Naoki Takamura, Photographer

After graduating from a photography school, Naoki Takamura began his career in commercial photography and now creates artwork using photography and silkscreen.

The image of light coming in from the sea.


Atsushi Ikoma, Ikebana artist

I take Japanese ikebana as three elements of architecture (setting of a place), geidou (flower arrangement), and art (art), decompose them, and express them.

Work introduction: "Hana no Iinari", a collaboration between flowers and people, in which the flowers take on a form of their own without human intervention.


Natsuki Takahashi, Sculptor 

In this age of information overload, I question how "cutting-edge" technology has led to the loss of what is important to us all, and I use sculpture to express the need to stop, look back, and listen to what we cannot see.


 "I am because you are here" 2018, sawtooth oak, dry lacquer


Kira Sazakin Watercolor 

I work as a designer and colorist and also do art activities. I use transparent watercolor to create organic expressions. I draw squares in all my current works. These squares for me are a window looking out and a window looking in. It is also a frame (binding) that gives me a sense of security and a sense of closure.


Pionir Kamaboko


I free movements, objects, and events from their meanings, and use the laughter and amazement generated from them in my exhibitions and rituals.

Work introduction: air purifier


Kotakeman, Installation 
Born and lives in Osaka. He has created "Self House," an entire house turned into a work of art, and holds the "Self Festival" every year in Shinsekai, Osaka.
He also holds an annual "Self Festival" in Shinsekai, Osaka. Next year, I will move to Nara. I would like to make work more significant than a big Buddha.


Artist name: ORITO Orito
Misato Shinada

Born and currently resides in Sapporo
Inspired by the snow, she started to fold paper by herself.

Artist name: Yu

Worked as a designer at an advertising agency in Tokyo. Enjoys an artistic lifestyle, bouncing back and forth between digital and analog.

Mother and child. Plywood and oil pastel. A short time spent in the womb, the closest to each other, giving life to each other, filled with feelings that go on and on like the atmosphere.


Moriya Motoaki, Violinist

Based in Sapporo, Moriya plays violin at festivals and galleries throughout Hokkaido.
She is studying birdsong in graduate school.
Also collaborates with other fields of music, such as poetry reading and painting.


Eugene Soler, Architecture/ Installation

Australian architect based in Nara, Japan. His work is site-specific the human body`s relationship with environment and each other.

Kyoto Urban Wind Project

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