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Who is it for

Space Department 

Space Department welcomes artists from Japan and abroad who are involved in various activities, creations, and expressions related to "space" and supports them in connecting with local artists and communities.



Eligibility for Artist-in-Residence Program


- Those who are interested in reflecting Japanese culture and philosophy in their works and ideas while staying in the ancient capital of Nara.


- There are no restrictions on the field of expertise.


- The program is not limited to creating and using space, but includes all creative activities using "space.


- Applicants must be able to hold at least one workshop, event, exhibition, or performance during the residency period (we will provide the location and support as much as possible).



About Artist-in-Residence


- Artist-in-residence programs are available for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months.

- Individuals and groups (up to 4 people) are welcome to participate.

- The accommodation space on the second floor can be used as a private space during your stay.

- The first floor space may be used for other events and workshops during your stay.

- You will be responsible for your own living, activity, and accommodation expenses during your stay.

- We will assist you in collaborating with local artists and provide information whenever possible.

Private Room




1 Month (30days)/ 1person 

 Artists team 2 person

3 Person

4 Person

$ 1000usd/ approx ¥140,000

$ 1500usd/ approx ¥200,00

$2000usd/ approx ¥280,00

$2500usd/ approx ¥300,00

This is the uppoer floor private Japanese style private room dedicated for the Artists-in-Residence. This floor is the quiet space in the house to unwind think and contemplate. It will also be used as an installation space and Art-hotel where artists can create and installation for people to experience and stay.

This room can accommodate, 1 person to 4 artists as a group. Staying here will include access to all facilities including all amenities, tools and workshop for making and testing ideas, office space, workshop and exhibit.

Please see the Artist-in-residence requirement.

Please note that this is not a hotel or an air bnb. Please contact us to use this space for any other creative purpose.

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