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Architect-in-Residence Program 2024

会期:2023年04月01(土)- 2025年03月031(日), 


+ Emerging artists, architects, designers, or researchers, and students based on spatial design, architecture, and built environment who 
have a clear motivation to work and research in Nara.
+ Preferably for applicants who can stay more than 1 month. Please contact us for a shorter stay.
+ Applicants must:

- Organize a talk or exhibit their research during their residency
- communicate in English or Japanese


+ The cost for the residency is $1000 USD (approximately JPY140,000) per month.  This will cover the cost for upper-level private accommodation, workspace, and all household utilities, electricity, water,  internet, etc.
+ JPY 50,000 Deposit,
will be returned after the residency. Any damages to the property and cleaning required will be deducted from here. 


 + Residency must start at the beginning of each month and end  on the last day of the month.

+Minimum one month up to three-month stay during the period of April 01 (Mon), 2024 to  March 31(Mon), 2025.


+ Please send us an email in Japanese or English with the subject heading ‘Architect-in-Residency program 2024


+ Include briefly in your letter :
- Brief introduction 
- Why you are interested in the program.
- What you would like to research about Japan
- Sample of work/ CV


+ Artist fees and living expenses are not offered.  See 6.SUPPORT.
+ Participants have to arrange their own delivery of materials required for the production of works or research.
+ Participants must inform beforehand if they bring their assistants or family. Additional costs for stay will be charged at a daily rate.
+ Participants are responsible for any unexpected accidents or sicknesses. Subscribing in travel insurance is strongly recommended. 


+ We encourage applicants to apply for sponsorship /scholarship from a private or public entity.  We will try and provide any letters necessary for your application.
+ We will provide assistance and creative support for research, places, and contacts for study or interview.
+ We can provide a guided tour to places, shrines, temples, etc. as much as possible but this may incur costs. 
+ For Any students who would like to participate but are not sure of what to research, we can assist with topics to research.


+ Space Department the first artist-in-residence in Nara. We are a creative space that supports and promotes the creative activities of artists from Japan and abroad, creating and sharing ideas and connecting each other.
+ Our space is located in a renovated 90-year-old farmhouse near the world heritage sites of Toshodaiji and Yakushiji in Nara. Our space hosts various workshops, events, and exhibitions, including artist-in-residence programs

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