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Artist Resident
June/ July

June/ July 2024 Architect-in-Residence 

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Gianna Bottema (NLD)

During the residency period at Space Department Nara, the architect and researcher Gianna Bottema aims to study the temporal character of space within Japanese dwelling culture. The focus of the research lies on a reading of the home as a layering of architectural elements and spaces linked to different conceptions of time. Gianna will exhibit and talk in July to exchange ideas on housing design for the 21st century.

Gianna Bottema completed her master's at Delft University of Technology and the Architectural Association in London. After graduation, she worked for different architectural practices on housing questions, collective living, and sustainable design solutions. Currently, she advises the Dutch government on housing and urban planning issues. Gianna received a grant from the creative industries  ( fund NL to join us and research at Space Department.

Current News

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We are happy to announce the variety of artists who will be staying with us @spacedepartment for the architecture-in-residence 2024. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this residency as we do occasionally have openings available. (*) Tentative

Artists confirmed for 2024

January/ February- Closed

March Noy Azouri
(Israel, Installation Art, , IG priza_agoza)

April Bryan Mew 
(Australia, Shodo painting/ Caligraphy,, IG bb.mew)

May Chris Schultz*
(USA, Visual Artist,

June/July Gianna Bottema
(Netherlands, Architect)

AugustAriel Diaz  (USA, Visual Art/ Story telling,

September/ October Johan F Karlsson
(Sweden, Installation art, IG johanfkarl)

November Maarit Rankanen 
(Finland, Contemporary Dance, Butoh Dance, Theatre Academy, University of Arts Helsinki

December, January, February -Closed winter break

March 2025- Available 







Past Events

May 2024

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April 2024

March 2024

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December 2023

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Elements 2023- Front sms.jpg

November 2023


October 2023

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September 2023

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August 2023

202308-Ernesto Duenas Final Exhibition sms.jpg

July 2023

May 2023

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We Collaborate

Space Department are looking for artists, architects and designers interested in interprofessional collaboration to create new and exciting work for the local community. Please come and see us for any ideas that encourages spatial experience, installations and community interaction >スペースデパートメントでは、「空間」をテーマに、地域社会のための新しい、ワクワクするような作品を創造するために、専門家間のコラボレーションに興味のあるアーティスト、建築家、デザイナーを募集しています。空間体験やインスタレーション、コミュニティとの交流を促すような面白いアイデアをお持ちの方は、ぜひご参加ください

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